Thursday, October 1, 2009

Amy Sol - Allure, art and inspiration

Amy Sol has spent most of her childhood years in Korea then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she lives and works at present. Although her style has influenced many by a combination of folk art and manga drawings, illustrations with vintage look but modern design, Amy Sol remains a self-taught artist. 

She has dedicated many years of her life by combining different types of pigments of different textures to achieve a unique color palette consists of shades of a subtle magic. Her artwork is based on intuition from start to finish. That's the main reason she never knows how her work will look like - until finally. Amy Sol, or wanting to subject each picture message to be interpreted in a subjective way. 


These delicate works often are whimsical landscapes or even bizarre, populated with exotic plants and animals and female figures pictures. The overall image of the paintings is that of expressions of the characters created by Amy Sol, which is calm, serenity, friendship and a sense Peace of mind and gentleness that flows and those which concern them.
More paintings by artist Amy Sol found on its official site



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