Thursday, October 1, 2009

Allure and Style in the 70's

It's always inspiring to look at the glamour and allure fashion of the '70s. You will see in these pictures that caps and maxi coats were very popular during that period. If I were to chose something that defines that period, it has to be the wrap coat.



I can see the allure in these images, and many of these remained over the years. You have to notice the look!


As casual clothing grows more and more, leather coats and denim jackets are seen more often in presentations and on the street.


You have to notice this traditional poplin trench coat. Although it was a menswear popular for many years, is translated for women.


In this period, pants become an important part in woman's wardrobe.


By the year 1979, the oversized look emerges. Normal shoulders are leaving the scene and the big shoulder pads are the new big think. My mom still has few of these in her garderobe


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