Monday, April 9, 2012

Greta Garbo Gallery

Greta Garbo, was born Lovisa Gustafson on September 18 1905 in the capital city of Sweden (Stockholm). She, who was called "Divine", she has peasants ancestors.

Her father was a laborer. Ever since Greta Garbo was little she was acting strangely, she liked to retreat to a corner and dream about nice places. At the age of 14 years old, she loses her father and is forced to drop school in order to work in a barbershop.

The first American production in which Greta Garbo is distributed is called The Torrent - in 1925.

In the '30s, she played in the first film with sound, Anna Christie, which brought her an Oscar nomination for "Best Actress". Her voice was special, so it helped to survive the new era of sound, whose discovery crumbled the career of silent film stars.

Greta Garbo achieved great success in such films such as Grandhotel, Mata Hari (1931), Anna Karenina (1935) - considered by some the top her career - Ninotchka (1931), who presents her comic potential.

Greta Garbo was always dissatisfied with the roles that had been entrusted to her and longed for the size characters of Joan of Arc.

The only role that she really liked was Queen Cristina.

The "Divine" always lived withdrawn from the world. She avoided fans, she hated crowds, she always remained hidden by thick and dark glasses. She remained isolated behind the high walls of her properties, she never gave interviews, and did not respond to fan letters.

Her latest film is also a comedy, entitled Two - Faced Woman - in 1941).

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