Saturday, October 10, 2009

Top 10 Sexiest Women of the 80s

Call me a romantic, but in my humble opinion, the 80's constituted the best decade for entertainment. Whether it personified films, music, TV, or anything else,  you have to recollect how amazing it was. Naturally, there are people out there who did not even acknowledge the 80's even existed. If you are among those folks, you are in great luck, for I'm going to take you back in time to see the Top 10 Women of the 80s.

10. Kim Basinger

Many folks say she can't act. But she won an Oscar, and that's something to be taken into consideration. And naturally, she looked great back in the days.

9. Catherine Bach aka Daisy Duke

Has anyone delivered better in red? Youtube videos

8. Beatrice Dalle

There was a time she was present on every self-respectful masculine university undergraduate’s wall. She was an inspiration.. And now, you can see her on youtube

7. Morgan Fairchild

The most astonishing fact about Morgan Fairchild is that she does not appear any different nowadays than she did when she exploded in 1980, on the primetime soap Flamingo Road at 30.

6. Princess Leia

There is nothing I can add about Princess Leia that will amaze you. I'm sure you know everything. You have to love or hate those gold bikini that converted numerous geeks into men. See the scene.

5. Susannah Hoffs

She is placed the 5th in the top of  10 Sexiest Women of the 80s. Why? Because she took care of our adolescent years a great deal. We have totally imagined her in our rooms.

4. Kelly LeBrock

Do you need any more details about her? I think the picture above is just enough. And... she was the Woman in red back in 1984.

3. Michelle Pfeiffer

When polled, ninety-eight percentage of men allege they have a lust for this lady. I would too .. :) She was so great and desirable in Batman

2. Debbie Harry

Confessedly, you could debate that she appeared hotter in the late seventies, anybody who can bear a bin liner and all the same appear aphrodisiacal deserves actual acknowledgment. Maybe the juiciest mouth of all time.

1. Cindy Crawford

During the year 1988, she turned to be the first supermodel that amazed Playboy's readers. Cindy Crawford was the model with a mole and a look that created the standards of that time.
And she still looks great in Allure  2009


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