Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Face skin care and creams for winter season

Wintertime is one of the most serious season for your face skin. Why? Because your face skin in winter season endures from biting wind, snowfall, freeze and heat back at home or work. Your face skin gets dry, sensible and unsmooth. A question rises: can you  keep your skin healthy during winter?

Let's start with the lips!
Do not forget protect your lips - it is among the most sensible regions on your face during winter. If you would like to have fit not cracked lips, do not lick and bite them!

To protect cracked lips during wintertime, get into lip balm or lip rouge with sun blocker all the time. Opt for lip unguent  with propolis.

Don't forget: the most crucial thing is humidifying!
When you're having a bath do not forget to keep in line waters temperature – it better not be too hot. You'll want to avoid washing your face with warm water as well. It's more beneficial to set warm or even cold water particularly in the morning – this will make your skin come to life.

Do not apply water-based moisturizers, because it contains a lot of water and that could drive a freezing upon your face while you're outdoors. That is why you better apply oil-based moisturizer.

You should apply odorize free soaps and washes as well keep off colorized or antibacterial products. Each chemicals which add up aromas and colour are the cause why our tegument converts dry.

For best effects utilize your moisturising ointment right away after you've washed and when skin is still damp. Apply humidifying face ointment which admits lecithin and vitamins. Day by day apply nutritionary face cream enriched vitamins, fruity acid.

But beyond any doubt most effective way to hydrate your tegument is drinking great deal of water.

Do not forget to protect your skin while you're outdoors!
Numerous people are believing sun is unsafe only in summertime, simply it’s not true! The snowfall reflects the sunlight and so you must bear sun blocker. Think back, that sun ages your abrade. Apply moisturizer with SPF 15 or better make that SPF 30. It's crucial for your makeup to be with sun protection also.

Indulge your facial abrade whit masque.
Onetime a week apply humidifying or nutritionary masques. You are able to buy them in salon or shop, drugstore or as well you'll be able to make your own face cream at domicile from natural products.


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