Monday, January 14, 2013

5 Basic items everyone should have in their closet this season

As the tender green shoots of spring begin to appear from the snow, frost and rain of winter, how are you planning to replenish or replace your wardrobe? The thick jumpers and heavy overcoats can be put away up in the loft (or if you’re generous, given to the charity shop). Having scoured the trends and foibles of the first catwalk cavortings since Christmas, here are some items that would appear to be “must-haves” this spring:

1. First up, an old classic in women’s clothing. They may re-appear almost every other year, but you can’t beat the combination of a little denim and a lot of lady leg! So make sure you seek out online or in the shops a pair of faded denim shorts. Even if the weather isn’t good, wear a long coat over them and flash your pins at the club, mall, or the beach if you’re getting away this spring.

2. Genuine snakeskin boots along with alligator skin handbags and ivory is a no-no these days, but there’s no reason you can’t wear prints of snakeskin to make your mark. Python prints never seem to go out of style and at the recent New York, Milan and Paris shows they were out in force in the spring 2012 collections of the world’s top designers. Because 2013 is the Chinese year of the snake expect snakeskin images to be all over the show this spring and summer. While I always hate to give rules, it is generally considered that snakeskin prints should be worn with neutral colours. That’s because its patter is so rich it needs to be the main focus of attention and not be compromised. So go for something plain with it: a single colour unfussy skirt, jeans or trousers. This blue top would go ace with a black leather skirt or black or grey jeans.

3. Full-bodied skirts are fully represented in the spring 2013 collections. Whether they are short or mid-calf, they should be “proper”… skirts that rustle and bustle and swish as you pass by. Swing your arms and stretch your leg and make a breeze! If you have black or grey skirts such as these FC ones here. Make sure you have bright and light tops to go with them!

4. Sparkle is in, and how. From imitation dress diamonds to common or garden sequins, you will want to catch the glitter ball reflections this spring. Whether you have reflecting crystals on your shoes, your clutch bag or your top, you must have something to shimmer and be starry. 

5. Finally, hats - always tricky given that spring is often windy and those April showers may catch you out. Retro rakish and/or gangster type hats are in. Wear that brim low and mean.. and you’ll sure to be seen! This raw-edged burgundy Trilby will ensure you’ll be the centre of attraction of Valentine’s Day- and without the massacre!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty Trend: The hair parted to one side

As seen in several collections of autumn-winter 2012, designers have opted for minimalist hairstyles at the expense of the eccentric type. Some of the favorite hairstyles seen this season, are parted to one side. Thys type of beauty trend was seen in shows like Etro, Yves Saint Laurent, Alberta Ferretti, Rodarte, Burberry Prorsum.  

You can choose between different ways to style your hair, keeping the parted in the middle: you can use a ponytail style or just leave it open. Do not forget to use clothes that will fit this hairstyle. Be sure to choose dresses and skirts with clean lines and monochrome graphic design.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kiernan Shipka - Fashion icon at 12 years old

I'm sure you know her, if you have enjoyed the Mad Men show with so much pleasure as I did. She plays Sally Draper, the daughter of Don Draper (Jon Hamm), but and in real life she is more interesting than you thought. And she, Kiernan Shipka, has a sharp taste for fashion, and an unbridled passion, and she is only 12.

Kiernan Shipka is a mini-actress, born in Chicago, and she does not seem burdened by problems of adolescence or problems of attention that is given to each performance. She knows how to use all appearances to display a unique style that you can hardly classify as a teenage style.

Passionate about fashion, Kiernan has a style perfectly adapted to her age, and an impressive closet, organized by seasons. She is passionate about ballet, and she practice it often, but the burning passion that puts fire in her style is ... fashion.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Authentic Cartier Watches Online

Many of my friends ask me where they can find authentic Cartier watches online. As you probably know, there are a lot of websites out there that sell fake watches. That's why I will only recommend watches from Amazon, the most trusted website in US. Click the images for prices and extra information.

Authentic Cartier Women's Watch Ballon Bleu

"What is Cartier for you? Cartier? It's a must!"

These were the words that opened the presentation for Cartier House Collection - Les Must. Ever since they released the Tank model, back in 1917, the authentic Cartier watches have always been associated with luxury, quality, refinement, and power. That's why I think this watch is perfect for any business woman that wants to make an impression. This watch is all about Swiss quality and classical beauty.

model: W6920046 

Authentic Cartier Women's Watch Tank Solo

As I said before, this is probably the most known Cartier watch all over the world. If you want a classy look, this is the perfect watch for you. It comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet. It features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal that allows you to wear anywhere you want, without being afraid of getting it scratched.

model: W5200013

Authentic Cartier Women's Watch Miss Pasha

When you see an authentic Cartier piece, you recognize it instantly. If you study a Cartier watch you will see the proportions, the philosophy and the aesthetic vocabulary. Let's not forget that the Cartier family was always interested in culture. It is said that they were more aristocratic than bourgeois. This watch it's incredible, outstanding, it features a gallant style like no other.

model: W3140007

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Greta Garbo Gallery

Greta Garbo, was born Lovisa Gustafson on September 18 1905 in the capital city of Sweden (Stockholm). She, who was called "Divine", she has peasants ancestors.

Her father was a laborer. Ever since Greta Garbo was little she was acting strangely, she liked to retreat to a corner and dream about nice places. At the age of 14 years old, she loses her father and is forced to drop school in order to work in a barbershop.

The first American production in which Greta Garbo is distributed is called The Torrent - in 1925.

In the '30s, she played in the first film with sound, Anna Christie, which brought her an Oscar nomination for "Best Actress". Her voice was special, so it helped to survive the new era of sound, whose discovery crumbled the career of silent film stars.

Greta Garbo achieved great success in such films such as Grandhotel, Mata Hari (1931), Anna Karenina (1935) - considered by some the top her career - Ninotchka (1931), who presents her comic potential.

Greta Garbo was always dissatisfied with the roles that had been entrusted to her and longed for the size characters of Joan of Arc.

The only role that she really liked was Queen Cristina.

The "Divine" always lived withdrawn from the world. She avoided fans, she hated crowds, she always remained hidden by thick and dark glasses. She remained isolated behind the high walls of her properties, she never gave interviews, and did not respond to fan letters.

Her latest film is also a comedy, entitled Two - Faced Woman - in 1941).

see Rita Hayworth Gallery

Monday, March 26, 2012

How to get rid of eye wrinkles


I'm certain that you have asked yourself this question many times: When do you need an eye cream? Well, experts say that you can start to use cream on that area when you are around 20 years old, but you need to use special products for every skin type. For start, you can apply a cooling gel. Remember that every skin needs a specific type of cream that is suitable for it. I recommend OLAY eye gel with cucumber extract. It's amazing and it has great reviews on Amazon (click the image for more info).

Party tonight, special tommorow morning

We know, partying all night long means dark circles around the eyes in the following day. Do not make plans for the next morning, and just take time to rest. The swelling and redness of the eyes will withdraw eventually.

Remember: You need more sleep.

If your eyes feel dry or if they begin to sting and become red, you need to close them before bed and apply a towel soaked in cold water. After several hours of sleep, everything returns to normal. Don't forget that sleep is a girl's best friend!

Remember: Reduce stress

The stress, smoking or lack of sleep will block the fluids in blood vessels, thus swollen your eyes. Even worse, dark circles will appear around the eyes. So, after a good lunch, a nice siesta is recommended. Use ear plugs, a pillow under your knees and herbal compress on the eyes. Massage your temples with a drop of peppermint oil.

How to look as if you sleep enough, although you did not!

If your eyes are ringed and this is a constant problem for you, try to sleep with several pillows under your head. This prevents the accumulation of fluids around the eyes.
2 Outdoors, use a sunscreen cream with SPF, because if it's cloudy or the sun, UV rays are present. Currently there are many sunscreen creams, special for the eye area. 
3 Give eyelids a makeup free day. That is a great occasion for the eyes to respite.

1 When you do makeup and cleansing avoid rubbing, because this can lead to wrinkles over time. Be gentle.
2 Don't mix the creams. The day cream and the body cream should not be used around the eyes. Some of them contain oils that can spread on the skin and thus can cause burning eyes, redness or swelling.
3 From now on, you need to promise yourself that you will never go to bed without cleansing your face, even if you are very tired, otherwise you risk waking up in the morning with red and swollen eyes.

Thanks to Melliris - Miel Bio

Allure Outfits from the '20s in Great Gatsby

Great film triumphs have always influenced fashion trends. This year, the '20s fashion will be brought into the spotlight with the new screening of the novel The Great Gatsby, starring Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan. Although premiere will take place later this year (25 December 2012), pictures of actors' outfits began to surface and atmosphere of the golden era of jazz seems to be very, very surprising.

How do you feel about this look? Do you think the influence will be felt with this '20s street fashion?


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