Monday, January 14, 2013

5 Basic items everyone should have in their closet this season

As the tender green shoots of spring begin to appear from the snow, frost and rain of winter, how are you planning to replenish or replace your wardrobe? The thick jumpers and heavy overcoats can be put away up in the loft (or if you’re generous, given to the charity shop). Having scoured the trends and foibles of the first catwalk cavortings since Christmas, here are some items that would appear to be “must-haves” this spring:

1. First up, an old classic in women’s clothing. They may re-appear almost every other year, but you can’t beat the combination of a little denim and a lot of lady leg! So make sure you seek out online or in the shops a pair of faded denim shorts. Even if the weather isn’t good, wear a long coat over them and flash your pins at the club, mall, or the beach if you’re getting away this spring.

2. Genuine snakeskin boots along with alligator skin handbags and ivory is a no-no these days, but there’s no reason you can’t wear prints of snakeskin to make your mark. Python prints never seem to go out of style and at the recent New York, Milan and Paris shows they were out in force in the spring 2012 collections of the world’s top designers. Because 2013 is the Chinese year of the snake expect snakeskin images to be all over the show this spring and summer. While I always hate to give rules, it is generally considered that snakeskin prints should be worn with neutral colours. That’s because its patter is so rich it needs to be the main focus of attention and not be compromised. So go for something plain with it: a single colour unfussy skirt, jeans or trousers. This blue top would go ace with a black leather skirt or black or grey jeans.

3. Full-bodied skirts are fully represented in the spring 2013 collections. Whether they are short or mid-calf, they should be “proper”… skirts that rustle and bustle and swish as you pass by. Swing your arms and stretch your leg and make a breeze! If you have black or grey skirts such as these FC ones here. Make sure you have bright and light tops to go with them!

4. Sparkle is in, and how. From imitation dress diamonds to common or garden sequins, you will want to catch the glitter ball reflections this spring. Whether you have reflecting crystals on your shoes, your clutch bag or your top, you must have something to shimmer and be starry. 

5. Finally, hats - always tricky given that spring is often windy and those April showers may catch you out. Retro rakish and/or gangster type hats are in. Wear that brim low and mean.. and you’ll sure to be seen! This raw-edged burgundy Trilby will ensure you’ll be the centre of attraction of Valentine’s Day- and without the massacre!


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