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Celebrity plastic surgery better or worse

Plastic surgery represents a medical specialization interested with the rectification or renovation of face form and function. Although noted for aesthetical surgery, plastic surgery as well admits two primary fields: body adjustment and reconstructive surgery. Aesthetic surgery regards processes designated for the "enhancement" of visual aspect through surgical and medical techniques, and is specifically occupied with conserving normal visual aspect, reconstructing it, or heightening it beyond the mediocre level toward some aesthetic ideal. As you can see, many celebrities used it, but not so many were satisfying.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 Fur Coats that will keep you warm this winter (2009)

Winter 2009 is almost here, and we have to be readey for it. If you are searching for an option of the most fashionable fur coats to buy, this post will definitely helo you. This is my top 10 list Fur Coats that will keep you warm this winter.

Hot Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween is almost here and we need to be ready for it. On October 31 everyone will wear crazy Halloween costumes, just like the costumes seen in the Celtic festival of Samhain, back in the days. If you're a woman and you are out of ideas, or if you are a man and you want to buy something nice for your lady, here are some hot Halloween costumes ideas for women:

The Pirate Costume for Women always makes an impression. It's 100% Polyester, and it includes the dress with handkerchief skirt and head tie.

 This is Smiffy's Women's Fever Flirty French Maid Costume
Blondes? That's a lot of danger for some, but if they are dressed like angels or demons the danger doubles its intensity. See the price for these costumes on Amazon.

Bonus halloween costumes (click the images for more info):


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 10 Women of the 90s

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show 2009

Natural Skin Care, Acne, Anti Aging, Face & Acne Products

Dr. Vincent Bellonzi is a chiropractor and is attested in Clinical Nutrition. He's been in exercise for over dozen years. He accepted his Doctorate from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1991.

Since 1998, Dr. Bellonzi has practiced in the Austin area. He does work with athletes at every level to provide sports conditioning and rehabilitation.

Miss Selfridge Articles

Miss Selfridge's Christmastime lookbook just now came out into my mail. As was common they consented a general rock biddy flavour with the titling and focus, adjusting this charge close to electric guitars, preamps and offstage mirrors. You know, it's 2009. Anyhow, merely like mansion customers are inspired to consider avocado-tiled baths with visual sense, this is what allure editor in chief do...

The Carry-all Bag
How valuable is this foxy greyish daytime handbag? I am not discriminating on 'lifting' the wintertime weeks with something lairy, suchlike a bolshie tote so this will arrange me alright cheers. £38

The militaristic Coat
What a voguish, glossy coat. Add together mortise joint boots and compact ribbed muddled tights and you are fine to go. Perhaps a dress or another item of enclothing can be a decent idea too? £75

The Denim Dress

Luxuria. Passion. A crunch-washed denim shift apparel on statement berms? It may not look as good in pictures, but trust me, when you'll see it, you'll never forget it. Altogether trailer-trash just unhinged cool for 2009 Christmas partays when diamantes will commence to drop off their glow . £45

Friday, October 16, 2009

Top 5 Women Luxury Watches in 2013

Gentlemen and established women are unlike when it comes to luxury watches. This reality was scientifically demonstrated. And their leverages generally is backing this theory. If we talk about luxury watches, a lady normally requires something that's slighter and cleaner, but accepts the equivalent functions as the bigger luxury watches virtually all gentlemen opt for.

Here is the Top 5 Luxury Watches that women has opted for in 2009:

1. Movado Women's Harmony Stainless-Steel with Diamonds
Movado Luxury watches always comes with elegance and polish style. This timepiece stands in the top of the list. This Movado luxury watch comes with a strong steel case, a dual operating button clasp to produce a glossy wristband aspect. Additional characteristics include a scratching resistive sapphire watch crystal and preciseness Swiss Quartz quality. Click the image for more information.

2. Concord Carlton
Concord's Carlton luxury watch for ladies is a simple and elegant product. It comes with a stainless steel case and resistive Sapphire quartz. You'll find that Amazon has huge discounts for Concord watches this winter.

3. Bulova Diamond Marine Star
This adorable timepiece is decorated with a nacre and adamant engrafted dial. As you can see the design is design is elegant to wear for any occasion. It also comes with a calendar, Japanese Quartz Movement and the top-quality workmanship, state-of-the-art engineering. Price? Well, you should click the image for more info.

4. Cartier Must 21 Stainless Steel Watch

The distinguish brand Cartier is similar with lavishness, caliber, and allure. Established in capital of France, the company turned famous globally for its designing and production of ravishing jewellery and luxurious art pieces. Modern and feminine, Cartier's Must 21 Stainless Steel Watch  constitutes a everlasting choice for elegant eves. Having a clear silver dial with 2 slight, bladelike hands, an external dial with diminished achromatic indicators, and Roman numbers upon a silver-tone chromium steel bezel, this voluptuous timekeeper is every woman's dream. This has the biggest discount I could find for any watch out there. Click the image for more info.

5. Movado Gold Esperanza Mini

This luxury watch is the "micro" adaptation of the Movado Women's Esperanza luxury watch, and like other Movado timepieces is glossy, graceful, and rather unique. 

If you don't like these models, you can always opt for authentic Cartier Watches.

Allure jewellery of the 60s

Jewellery Style tendencies appear to have a path of repetition from time to time.You'll find that there is zero surprisal that retro allure jewellery will return to the streets of fashion one of these days.
Let's take a quick look on the 60s allure jewellery: modernistic fashions of black-and-white, cultural picks, hippy jewellery, large pendants and complex necklaces were the big stars in the 60s. Nowadays, these jewellery appears persist in rocking the allure scenery and have revolutionised the looks of jeweled necklaces, leather wristbands and rhinestone romances.

Woodstock perhaps is becoming 40, just the jewellery it enlivened still holds up. Nowadays the Boho Chic stylings of Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie has developed from the muddied flats of that Woodstock style from several years ago - and they have amazed a bevy of hipster chick fashions in their lacunae to establish it.

Nowadays, positions around dress up jewellery admits honour and delectation from the growing amount of collectors who explore the world of significant designers from the 60s. The adolescents are assuming vintage hippy and modern jewellery.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Top Anti Aging skincare solvents

The finest and most biological anti ageing cure recognised to humans, is comprising crude nutrients into your diet. Entirely, crude, organic nutrients are now creditworthy for inverting the "getting old" process, whilst maintaining our body super fit and loose from illness and diseases.

What are these nutrients?

They admit raw yields, veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouted cereals also crude nutrient powders, olive oils, flavourings, zests, and nutritive seaweeds. You can find all sorts of delightful, unbelievable good for you meals that can be piece real easy with these nutrients.

With numerous anti ageing skincare products on the marketplace, it is challenging to acknowledge which ones are most effective for you and your individualistic skin interests. The final goal is to research the truths about as numerous wrinkle creams and anti ageing tegument treatments as achievable to establish your purchasing conclusion a bit more facile. At last, you would like to come up with the most effective anti wrinkle cream for you and your tegument.

Here is a list of top Anti Aging creams you can ever find on the market

Top 10 Sexiest Women of the 80s

Call me a romantic, but in my humble opinion, the 80's constituted the best decade for entertainment. Whether it personified films, music, TV, or anything else,  you have to recollect how amazing it was. Naturally, there are people out there who did not even acknowledge the 80's even existed. If you are among those folks, you are in great luck, for I'm going to take you back in time to see the Top 10 Women of the 80s.

10. Kim Basinger

Many folks say she can't act. But she won an Oscar, and that's something to be taken into consideration. And naturally, she looked great back in the days.

9. Catherine Bach aka Daisy Duke

Has anyone delivered better in red? Youtube videos

8. Beatrice Dalle

There was a time she was present on every self-respectful masculine university undergraduate’s wall. She was an inspiration.. And now, you can see her on youtube

7. Morgan Fairchild

The most astonishing fact about Morgan Fairchild is that she does not appear any different nowadays than she did when she exploded in 1980, on the primetime soap Flamingo Road at 30.

6. Princess Leia

There is nothing I can add about Princess Leia that will amaze you. I'm sure you know everything. You have to love or hate those gold bikini that converted numerous geeks into men. See the scene.

5. Susannah Hoffs

She is placed the 5th in the top of  10 Sexiest Women of the 80s. Why? Because she took care of our adolescent years a great deal. We have totally imagined her in our rooms.

4. Kelly LeBrock

Do you need any more details about her? I think the picture above is just enough. And... she was the Woman in red back in 1984.

3. Michelle Pfeiffer

When polled, ninety-eight percentage of men allege they have a lust for this lady. I would too .. :) She was so great and desirable in Batman

2. Debbie Harry

Confessedly, you could debate that she appeared hotter in the late seventies, anybody who can bear a bin liner and all the same appear aphrodisiacal deserves actual acknowledgment. Maybe the juiciest mouth of all time.

1. Cindy Crawford

During the year 1988, she turned to be the first supermodel that amazed Playboy's readers. Cindy Crawford was the model with a mole and a look that created the standards of that time.
And she still looks great in Allure  2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Face skin care and creams for winter season

Wintertime is one of the most serious season for your face skin. Why? Because your face skin in winter season endures from biting wind, snowfall, freeze and heat back at home or work. Your face skin gets dry, sensible and unsmooth. A question rises: can you  keep your skin healthy during winter?

Let's start with the lips!
Do not forget protect your lips - it is among the most sensible regions on your face during winter. If you would like to have fit not cracked lips, do not lick and bite them!

To protect cracked lips during wintertime, get into lip balm or lip rouge with sun blocker all the time. Opt for lip unguent  with propolis.

Don't forget: the most crucial thing is humidifying!
When you're having a bath do not forget to keep in line waters temperature – it better not be too hot. You'll want to avoid washing your face with warm water as well. It's more beneficial to set warm or even cold water particularly in the morning – this will make your skin come to life.

Do not apply water-based moisturizers, because it contains a lot of water and that could drive a freezing upon your face while you're outdoors. That is why you better apply oil-based moisturizer.

You should apply odorize free soaps and washes as well keep off colorized or antibacterial products. Each chemicals which add up aromas and colour are the cause why our tegument converts dry.

For best effects utilize your moisturising ointment right away after you've washed and when skin is still damp. Apply humidifying face ointment which admits lecithin and vitamins. Day by day apply nutritionary face cream enriched vitamins, fruity acid.

But beyond any doubt most effective way to hydrate your tegument is drinking great deal of water.

Do not forget to protect your skin while you're outdoors!
Numerous people are believing sun is unsafe only in summertime, simply it’s not true! The snowfall reflects the sunlight and so you must bear sun blocker. Think back, that sun ages your abrade. Apply moisturizer with SPF 15 or better make that SPF 30. It's crucial for your makeup to be with sun protection also.

Indulge your facial abrade whit masque.
Onetime a week apply humidifying or nutritionary masques. You are able to buy them in salon or shop, drugstore or as well you'll be able to make your own face cream at domicile from natural products.

Top 10 most desirable women 2009

When it comes to desirability, seductiveness, intelligence, and personal appeal. exposed their yearly Top 99 Most Desirable Women list that was made up by the readers all over the world. 10 million votes was enough to discover the most seductive girl of 2009.

Concording to, “lecturers are demanded to look beyond sexuality appeal and beauty to decide for women who have the features they value in a expected companion, suchlike intelligence, humour, personal magnetism, and ambition.”

This is the list of Top 10 women of 2009

10. Kate Beckinsale, 35

9. Kristen Bell, 28

8. Rihanna, 20

7. Scarlett Johansson, 24

6. Alessandra Ambrosio, 27

5. Anne Hathaway, 26

4. Keeley Hazell, 22

3. Marisa Miller, 30

2. Megan Fox, 22

1. Eva Mendes, 34


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