Saturday, October 3, 2009

Allure and Style - Vintage Coats of the '60s

The sixties constituted a decennium of eminent changes in fashion starting with ladylike appears of the JFK era, to the modernistic years, and then to the origins of the Hippie influences. You will come across all of that now.

Dan Millstein copy of a Nina Ricci design in 1961.

In the first part of the 60s, the cocoon style coat began to become popular. This flavor was commonly appropriated for high fashion and couture. Besides the coat flaring out from narrow shoulders, the loudness begins at the shoulders with the arms cut as part of the body of the coat. Underarms are very deeply, just about missing. You'd believe this trend would be amorphous, just these coats were attractively tailored and served well to accentuate the slightness of the body underneath. As a matter of fact, accented cutting is encountered up till the late sixties.

If you did not wear high style, you had one of these coats - a neat or slimly blazed up curve with a wedding ring catch that belted up around the face with hooks. This fashion was so hot, that these coats are all the same  to find today.

1963 tweed coat with matching hat by Originala

Near 1963, coat contours convert very much less voluminous and are down tighter to the body. Cutting is key and seams are a great deal played up with top-stitching to emphasis the build of the coat. Numerous manufacturers proposed coats with mating dresses. Plaids and flannels are hot, along with the fresh wool/silk blending shantungs and alaskines.

Near 65-66, the Mod campaign begins to impact high style. Here, Originala applies wild graphic prints in 2 coats from 1965.

In the year 1969, fashions have shifted radically. The hippie charm is sensed on the capital of France runways. Immense mantles are altogether the madness. Palacio proposed navy blue mantle traced in blood-red and green patterned velvet.

Maxi and midi lengths in coatings were fashionable adult female*, just not in gentlemen! You can see this Ginala maxi coat of 1969 in dark wool bears a capelet collar.


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