Monday, April 26, 2010

Fashion Dress made from Chocolate

If you believed there is no enough chocolate in the world to be blandishing for your figure, you have not discovered the fudge-alicious models at the 15th Paris Salon du Chocolat in Shanghai.

Chefs and fashion designers around the world blended their gifts to develop some high-calorie couture. It is all comestible but will not dissolve under the spotlight.

Pictures: AP

Pictures: AFP/GETTY

Pictures: GETTY

Pics Source: SWNS

Amazing Female Street Fighter Costumes

Street Fighter is a known game from the 90s that had a reboot a year ago on XBOX and PS3. Here are some of the best female costumes for the 7 most popular street fighter characters.

Chun Li

Cammy White

Crimson Viper



Juri Han



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